Dealing with Uber...


Starting to see what Uber is really like.

On Friday night I got a group of 4 bogan middle aged women get a ride into the city.

A little loud but all seemed fine. Finished the job then get a new ride straight away.

The new passenger goes to sit in the back seat but can't sit in the RHS passenger seat because chewing gum has been stuck on the seat belt and seat.

After the ride, I take photos and lodge a report in the Uber app. Mostly so Uber can lodge a complaint, but also for a reimbursement of cleaning costs (I was told Uber did this).

Finally got the official Uber response "Unfortunately, because you took another trip soon after this mess, we were unable to confirm that your vehicle was damaged. "



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Just got a new email saying they will pay the cleaning fee. Maybe they read this forum :wink:


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At least you see it early. You can go back to the trip and change your rating of them to 1*.

And I expect that it wasn't a surge?