Dealing With Rising Gas Prices

In respose to rising gas prices which decrease driver profits, I expect that Uber will

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Gas prices have skyrocketed in the last few weeks. I expect them to go higher still, partially due to the mess in Houston. While gas prices are still much lower than their peak (over $4 per gallon), this is effectively a pay cut for Uber/Lyft/Delivery independent-contractors (drivers), who must expense (pay for) their own gas.

What, if anything are you doing about this? Driving more, less, not at all until the prices comes back down?

Will Uber raise fares to "compensate" for higher gas prices or let the drivers "eat it"?
If Uber does raise fares, what are the chances that drivers will receive most, if any, of the increase?

Please vote in the Poll then reply with what you think will happen.


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I'm driving less for Lyft and doing more food delivery. Less miles required and you can pick and cancel pings at your leisure.

If these gas prices keep going up then doing Uber or Lyft won't be worth the effort unless the companies raise rates.


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Years ago I worked for a same day delivery company. When gas prices started going up they added a surcharge to the companies to cover the rise in cost.Unfortunately they keep 50% of surcharge for themselves and only gave us 50%. It was our gas and they did nothing to warrant their 50%. I'm sure uBer and lyft would do the same thing, if they aren't already doing it with their upfront pricing. Of course your not getting any of it with upfront pricing.