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Deadline for Credit Card Processing is here....


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Hello friends:

I reported recently on the change in policy regarding credit card processing. Effective immediately, fraudulent charges processed by a retailer (or us) are no longer the responsibility of the bank... if a pax pays you with a credit card, and that credit card is stolen, YOU are now responsible according to a new federal law.

If you would like to start accepting credit cards you can sign up with SquareUp and they will give you $1000 in free processing with this link...


You can order a square credit card reader on this site. Make sure you order the CHIP CARD READER, NOT THE MAG STRIPE READER. Mag stripe readers are no longer safe to use.

To get a chip card square reader immediately, drop by your nearest best buy. I got mine for $29.

Good Luck Folks and be safe out there.

Mrs. Uber Jax.