Dead Ant...


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With the new roll out over last few months ago of airport dropping off with immediately a new pickup — I personally stopped making a trip intentionally to the airport. Only if I get a request TO the airport will I go. With that being said I noticed that three times this week and a few in the last few weeks that the queue size has gotten significantly smaller. At one time you could be in a 250 size queue. I’ve seen it as low as 6 yesterday at 10pm. NO SERGE BUT THATS A WHOLE NOTHER STORY! So what happened to the ants? Certainly the new drop off / puckup change couldn’t have caused such a change. Or is it summer vs fall? I started in April so still fairly new...


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It's called demand. Them suckers were just out on a ride and will be back within an hour.

Uber's surge algorithm's are very optimal. I think they accounting for any car that could potentially fulfill demand (rides coming, apps offline but open, rides outside of the airport) and also using historical data. The fake surge is working wonders. Popup west of the airport, they flock and are then in range to get a ride to the airport.


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Yo Coach dude..what time tonight are ya talkin'? I picked up a Biz Reg of mine (travels with me at least 6-8 times / month) at 7:45-8 PM tonight at A22.
scrUber lot was only 15-20 cocka-roaches still there...raining and they are probably trying to figure out how to make the next pmt. on that beater they "leased" from scrUber.