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I went offline with Uber at 12:53 on 7/22/16. Later on, on 7/22/16, i go to get online and I receive a message telling me that my account hasn't been activated. I find that weird. So I log out of the app. When I go to log in, I get the same message; account not active. I email Uber through their help page and receive this response:

I respond that I was active earlier that same day and I'm not a new driver. Four emails and three requests for assistance later I've yet to hear back from anyone. And of course I haven't been able to make money using Uber.

Has this happened to anyone else? Uber's help system sucks, to say the least.


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If you went to another Uber city website and signed up by mistake it can happen .

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I went to the Uber partner site and under my pic I see "waitlisted".

The only thing I can think of is that I changed my photo and noticed the state in my profile as Alabama. I changed it to NY and updated it. I wonder if that might be the cause. But why no response from Uber after multiple requests and emails for assistance?
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