DC / MD / VA all issue 'stay-at-home' orders


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DC// thru April 24th

MD// in effect until cancelled

VA// in effect til June 10th
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Not surprised to see va finally came to this decision . Gonna get worse next 2 weeks , sister in laws a doctor working in dc/ va and last week it was a shitshow and only getting worse, not fearmongering , just stating what she said , I happen to believe her , as I’ve known her for 28 years.
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Ok calm down babe . Go get laid. Jeez your feelings are way up high. Chill mate .
Says the racist
Would they enforce this on drivers?
Don’t know. I guess we drivers are essentials. From what I understood when listening to Logan , he said go out only when you need for groceries. Or work. I guess it’s up to the individual if they want to be out there. I don’t . Staying home . Will not risk . But I understand if some drivers must be out so they can make money to pay bills . Wish them safe


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Talked to a state trooper. He said nobody is going to pull you over and arrest you for doing uber. But again its one officer. I’ll ask few more. Phub has one week trial btw. Priorities people!!! 😂


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