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Dayton LYFT drivers ?


New Member
Anyone drive for LYFT in dayton ohio ? I heard that it is less than 10 percent of Uber market share and is not worth signing up for. I have already seen $1000 sign on add go down to a 500 offer , then $35o by the time i uploaded some info.


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I usually drive Uber/Lyft in Cbus but when I visit my parents I’ll do a little driving in Dayton. I’ve gotten a couple decent fares, it’s hit or miss though


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Old thread I know, but it might be helpful to comment. I'm driving both Lyft/Uber in Dayton (it's a slow city, and this way I can get more pings). My experience so far is that I get about equal hits. Lyft seems to be more the under-30 crowd, and Uber trends towards businesspeople.