Dash Cam


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A dash-cam is literally the best investment I have ever made in my live. It has paid me back 100x over in the 8 months I've been driving. Paid 45 bucks for mine and it has made it easy to get money from a scumbag duck boat company, and got me out of a ticket when I first started.

Think of it, one accident where you're not at fault and a 45 dollar dash-cam pays for itself 23 times for Uber, and 55 times for Lyft. That plus the increase in insurance, insurance dropping you for having a James River Claim, etc makes it pay you back many times more.

And i'm talking about a forward facing dash cam. Not even a backward one. But if you're an Uber driver you should definitively have a dash cam. Not having one is playing with fire.



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Anyone have recommendations for dashcams that do view both ways? I'm seeing from many drivers this is important so I'm buying one. Want one that views road and PAX. Links?


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If you keep your phone on the windshield, you can use an app to use your phone's camera as a dash cam. Just search for "com.opendashcam" in the Android market (Play store) for a good example that works well with Uber.