Damn quest



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Tried really hard couldnt reach 35 trips:mad:.. kept getting hour long trips into jersey , li .. fairly large amounts of black car... uber won , i gave up and came home after grinding for 12 hours no breaks, pretty sure this was their algorithm not letting $90 come to me instead made my day a rare $500 one:biggrin:


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I find myself having difficulty achieving those quests while driving for Juno at the same time. Honestly, I rarely turn Lyft on but Juno is always keeping me busy and can't find myself giving more than 10 trips a week with Uber.
Edit: I meant from Monday ~ Friday 4:00AM


I received a $115 parking ticket yesterday when I left my car in no standing / parking zone just for 2 mins because I needed to go to restroom. I didn't plan to finish the quest since I was off on Wednesday, and I needed to do 23 trips. So, I ended up doing 24, started at 5am and finished at 9pm. All trips were in the city and a couple from LGA.
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