Dallas airport rides


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I took my first trips as a pax this week.
First driver told me until very recently he would wait at the airport and usually made $60/day.
He went on to say that after 30 minutes. DFW starts charging the driver and after 90 minutes drivers get charged $9.

On the one hand, I get there are limited rides available and we need to protect our income as drivers.
On the other hand, if we can educate drivers, perhaps it won't be so easy for UL to continue with their rate @@@@ery.


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Unfortunately not all drivers are coachable and that's why they are still full time ubering instead of getting a real job. And yes DFW waiting lot is inside the ap and they charge you for the parking.


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I’ve had many $11-$16 rematch trips at the Airport in Austin. I don’t see how people (drivers) would wait and get charged $9 for an Airport trip.
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Went to the airport today 3 times and got a rematch.....maybe i was looking for it but i swear i saw multiple dallas and houston area car dealer stickers and 1 Louisiana plate. Maybe thats just normal but it felt like the invaders were already here for the week. So many paper plates at the airport it makes me really ?