Daimler targets Uber by merging Mytaxi with UKs Hailo

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We had Hail-O and My Taxi here for a minute. I subscribed to both, as well as Uber Taxi. Uber Taxi is all that I have left.

My Taxi lasted longer, but the only place that it was in North America was Washington. In May, 2015, My Taxi left me an answering machine message telling me that it was pausing the service to allow its new partners to interphase with it. The message told me that I should keep all of my log-in information, as it would be back. I sent repeated e-Mails to them after a few months, which they never answered. After a time, I gave up.
On 4 July of this year, it sent me an e-Mail with a copy of a letter dated 27 June of this year stating that it was abrogating our agreement as it had discontinued all services in the U.S. of A. Oh well, it looks like they will not be back, after all.

Hail-O was in several cities in the U.S. of A. and Canada. According to what I had heard and read from customers and drivers, it was giving Uber Taxi a run for its money in Boston and Chicago. It was running a middling second in New York to UberT. In Washington, it ran a poor second to Uber Taxi. Hail-O even went to two Virginia suburbs, here: Arlington and Alexandria. It had planned expansion to one Maryland suburb, Bethesda, but just before the planned launch date, the notice came that it was leaving North America. I understand that it was beating Uber Taxi in Toronto. Supposedly, the Toronto office employees wanted to take over the operations, including financial responsibility. Sadly, they could not work out something.

I do hope that this combined operation will eventually consider a return to North America. While both ran poor second and third to Uber Taxi, I did get customers from both. My Taxi had many of the hotels, here and was running welfare taxi trips, but I did get a few calls from them at private homes and office buildings that actually were there. My Taxi allowed paying through the application as well as paying the driver. Hail-O was like Uber: you could pay only through the application. In fact, My Taxi and Hail-O were about neck and neck as also-rans to Uber Taxi, here. I would subscribe if they returned.

Thanks for the article. I had been curious about it.