Cvg graveyard.


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does anybody hate to come to the airport here at CVG lately? The lot is often full and you get stuck here like it's a graveyard for sometimes's extremely frustrating and every time this happens I'm like why did I come here and not stay in the city? It is like you sit.. sit ...sit ....sit sit.


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My time is too valuable to sit at the airport and not get paid. Why would you do that? You take the horrible rates in the Cincinnati market combined with sitting at the airport and you are making nothing. You'd be financially better off to work at McDonalds.

I've never used Uber for anything more than a bridge to another job. I did it for six weeks before my current job started. It's not worth anything more than that.


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CVG will never, never be worth the pain and suffering you have to endure completing that Kentucky safe driver training. Unless you are a masochist.
Well, maybe it’s worth it I like unintuitive, unimaginative acronyms that are harder to remember than the course material itself..