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Customers wanted stop along way...and turns into extneded time.

Discussion in 'Advice' started by GSPdriver53, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. GSPdriver53


    I am a fairly new driver and have had some instances where a rider wanted me to wait for a few minutes and it turns into a long time...last night I picked up a guy and he was going to surprise his girlfriend getting off work. We got there at 8:40 and he said she got off at 8:45, so no big deal. Time passed and at 9pm he finally got ahold of her and she had already gone home and they had a 10 minute conversation figuring out what they were going to do. Then I had to drive him home...I sat for 30 minutes with him in my car not moving and the total ride lasted 50 minutes -- I got $11 for the ride and could have easily doubled that even on a fairly slow night. I had another ride that a woman needed to run in the grocery store for "real quick" and it turned into 25 minutes. I have no problem if someone wants to run into a store on the way home, but these extended waits kill earnings.

    My question is whether there is what is the correct protocol here? Once someone gets in my car, do I have to do whatever they want until they want to be dropped off? How do I handle this?
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  2. Pawtism

    Pawtism Moderator

    The Gamma Quadrant
    Most of us follow a 5 minute rule. If whatever they are waiting for hasn't happened within 5 minutes, we'll end ride, and they can reorder whenever it does happen for them. It's not to be mean or anything but as you said, you could have made a lot more if you were driving instead of sitting.

    You're only getting like .13 a minute (varies slightly by market) for sitting there waiting. So, I just tell them (thankfully it's pretty rare for the times that I drive to have someone want a wait, in fact, usually they're all in a hurry hehe), "If I'm not moving, I'm not making any money." Now, if they want to take that hint and give me some cash to wait, maybe I would (but no one has yet).
  3. "I have a scheduled pickup 15 minutes from now. If I miss another scheduled pickup Uber/Lyft will fire me. I can't afford to lose this job. I'm really sorry, but I just can't wait."


    "This is my last trip before I have to go to work. I can't be late again or I'll be fired and I can't afford to lose my job. I'm really sorry, but I just can't wait."


    "There's a meteor heading for the earth. I have to get home to have sex with my husband/wife one last time before we all die. I'm really sorry, but I just can't wait."

    You are not obligated to tell pax the truth. Ever.
  4. Pawtism

    Pawtism Moderator

    The Gamma Quadrant
    This ^^^ works too.
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  5. Skorpio


    Nunavut, Iqaluit
    With the upfront pricing..
    Any wait time during a ride is not paid..
    Dont let pax take advantage of you..
    You can play their games too.

    'Would you wait for me'
    'Sure no problem'
    'When they are out of your sight'
    'End the trip'

  6. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    Wheels turning is making money...

    Any stops they are asked to tip...

    Don't let them leave "anchors"...


    If they add a stop... it's good for three minutes...pickup only...8>)

    And NO...

    the other Uber drivers DON'T do it...!

    Good luck...!

  7. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    Tell the pax you’re driving on two platforms (Uber/Lyft) and your vehicle is already dispatched on the other platform and you have to close out the current trip immediately at the very first stop because the other customer has been waiting. Tell them you saw plenty of rideshare drivers in the area and they should be able to ping a ride immediately.
    BS them, they can pound dirt. Your mission is to keep your tires turning.
  8. You already figured out you're losing money while you wait on them.
    That's step one.

    You can chose to tell them directly that you can't because you just don't make money ig you're not waiting.
    This is what I do most of the time. I don't even tell them I make very little per minute. I just say I don't mane ANY money if I'm not moving.
    It has either gotten me a nice tip a few times, but most times they understand and don't insist.

    Or as suggested, lie and say something like you have a scheduled pickup. That would also work well.

    Whichever method you chose, don't let them take advantage of you!
  9. Jsaxophone


    I'm pretty kind to people who want to stop along the way, but no longer than 5min/ride.

    If it's a drive-thru, sure. I'm almost always offered something, which I'll ask for a drink or a burger.
    If they have to go inside, I tell them that I can only wait 5 minutes, and then I'll simply explain that Uber/Lyft doesn't pay for standstill.

    That said, I've used this to my advantage. I picked up a group during surge pricing, the guy in charge was happy to spend his money. Being in a pickup truck, and late at night, the guy said "I'll give you $20 to hop the median and take us to that Waffle house." I'm not shy about "Truck Stuff," so I oblige and he hands me $20. He then says "If you wait for us, I'll give you another $20." So, I wait in the parking lot with the meter running, for about 20min, browsing Facebook. They get back, hand me another $20. I drive them to their condo, he tips me another $20, and I end the ride, which was about $20, because I only rolled a few miles. So, for the 45-60minutes of my time, I made about $80.
  10. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    So you didn't get $20 for playing sax...?

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  11. HotUberMess


    The correct protocol is to *drop them off*

    What in the world are you doing??

    Practice this:

    Sir I need to end the ride.
    We don’t wait while riders shop.
    Get out of my car.
    Get *outofmycar*
    Get OUT of my CAR

    Until you kind of scare yourself when you say it

    Also.. remember to 1* these jerks as a favor to your fellow driver
  12. Zebonkey


    San Francisco
    Actually, no. Read the fine print.
    Actual cost may be adjusted according to time and distance. I had a ride to pick something up, and had to wait, and up-front was something in the neighborhood of 12 bucks. My actual cost ended up being 26 bucks. So I rounded it up with a nice $24 tip to $50.
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  13. Don't lie about lyft already having you hooked up for another ride, it makes you look silly if they catch you.
    Tell them simply this is too long and you're cancelling the ride because you make so little per minute sitting there it's not worth your time. If they get *****y tell them ride is over and once you make that decision do not take their crap. Tell them to hurry they are wasting your time, etc.

    OP your post waiting 25 minutes for somebody to go shopping. You must be kidding, what in the world are you doing man.

  14. Never wait more than 3 minutes for anyone, ever, maximum. Make sure you tell people you're not being paid if your car isn't moving (we are paid BY THE MILE) and you're going to need to move on after 3 minutes, so they need to take all of their items out of the car with them when they go into stores, etc. in case the 3- minute time's up bell rings.

    As far as the first situation (the guy), that should never have been allowed to occur. I don't really understand why you waited and allowed that but as you gain more experience you'll gain the confidence to tell people "no, sorry, I need to drive in order to earn, so I'll need to drop you off or I'll need a CASH tip in order to wait."

    People will try to take advantage of you, but it's your car, your rules. Of course, be polite and act apologetic when you're telling them you can only wait 3 minutes, but remain firm. They don't own you or your car just because you're earning.75 cents a mile driving them from Point A to Point B.

    Good luck!!
  15. Rakos


    Tampa Bay

    you have such a way with words...8>)

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  17. Well, I'd never want to look "silly" to the pax. It's much better to say no and introduce unnecessary conflict into the situation.
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  18. Or just tell them that you are not getting paid to wait
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  19. I barely get paid enough to drive the car. I certainly don't get paid enough to anger the livestock I'm hauling, especially while they're still in my car.
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  20. Rakos


    Tampa Bay

    So have you ever noticed...

    The rings in their noses 9f14cfd60ae21557fc68e54eaf2c880f--weird-things-funny-things.jpg and ears...8>)


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