Curse words @@@@

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Recently a lot of members have been abbreviating their curse words. I've been editing them without issuing warnings but now this is happening too often.

Like Fu*k [email protected]@@ or sh1t, etc...

That isn't allowed, and it affects the website in terms of Google searches.

Please spell out the curse word entirely as it's spelt in real life. If you say the F word type it out and it will come out as @@@@.

Some words aren't filtered like shit, which is fine as along as you don't call someone a piece of shit...

Anyways this is a public warning for everyone. If I see curse words with abbreviations I will just delete your entire post no matter how long it was. if It happens again you'll get a special message from me to you.

Thanks for using the NYC section ? ? :coolio:
Not open for further replies.