Currently in an Uber with a 100% ant..


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Umm 5 star. 1 star will cause an accident. My policy is burn the riders house down if it really need to happen.


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:laugh::rolleyes: Ask him how long he's been driving. :smiles::sneaky::thumbup::whistling:
Rider's first words out of their like what you do??????.......I see Tony soprano asking him or her to repeat the question with that beat down look in his eyes....ha
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Years ago I used to drive for a taxi company that was in League with the airport rules and regulations whatever.
Mind you, it's been raining for like the last 3 hours or so, this is at the Old Airport before 2008. I picked up a passenger and she tells me, has it been raining here? I respond by saying, no, there's a mad man who stole a water truck I need making everything wet.
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Don't be a cheap ass. We have to maintain our cars, replace them eventually, pay for the fuel, paid with our health by driving behind a car for 8 to 10 or more hours a day sometimes six days a week LOL so no, give the guy a nice little bonus for doing a great job. He or she deserves it!
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