Current Average Hourly Rate in Albuquerque

Based on 80,000 Miles per year
Tires 4 = 800.00
Break Job = 550.00
Tuneup = 200.00
16 Oil Changes = 480.00
Misc Mechanical = 600.00
Total Upkeep 2630.00 = 4 to 6 cents per mile for upkeep, we'll say 5 cents in the middle.

Gas 2.40 per Gal My car uses Premium Gasoline
Average vehicle 22 Miles per Gal = 11 cents per Mile Cost

So that's 16 Cents per mile for Gas and Upkeep.

UBER pays in ABQ a $1.00 Base Fare and .85 per Mile For only on Fare miles.
and .13 per minute during fare = average Fare will be 5 minutes = .65

So on a trip for 5 Miles + 4.25
5 Minutes + .65
Total Fare of 4.90
Uber 25% Charge - 1.23
= 3.67
Upkeep @5cents per Mile - .25
Gas Cost 11 cents per Mi - .55
= 2.87
5 Miles to fare 5cent Mi - .25
= 2.62
Time per Fare - 2.13 Based on Hourly Min Wage in ABQ $8.50 per hour
= .49
4 fares per hour x 4
Driver made per hour $1.96
1.00 Base fare x 4 $4.00
Average per Hour 5.96

On average you will drive 3-6 Miles to get to the Fare before you start charging.
Additionally you may wait 10 to 15 minutes between fares, plus the it will take you about 5-10 minutes
to get to Rider before you are getting paid So we'll go conservative at 15 minutes in between picking up the fare. Minimum Wage in Albuquerque is 8.50 per Hour so 15 minutes = 2.13

If everything goes perfect you will get 3 to 4 of these per hour, likely 3 but we'll give Uber the
benefit of the doubt and say 4.

If you take NON Surged fares your average pay will be about 5.96 per hour
deducting your Gas and Upkeep Costs, can you live on that? x40 = 238.40 per week.

Oh and by the way, you are an Independent contractor, so YOU will have to pay CRS Taxes on that income, in NM that is around 8% = 238.40 - 19.07 = 219.33 will be your weekly Pay.
So after taxes you are now making $5.48 per hour on average with no surge.

This is why you should LOG OFF during non surge periods and only log back in during surge periods,
if all Drivers did this all drivers would make a decent wage. If all drivers did this the surge
would happen on a regular basis.
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No, through 80k, those will be average expenses on a vehicle, yes 16 oil changes per 80k (5000 miles per oil change). That is how you average your expense costs, and guestimate wear and tear costs over time.
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Keep in mind it's an average, if you have a 2015, your costs will be slightly lower, however your car payment is higher. If you have a 2007, your maintenance will be higher. Either way, the average is accurate.
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For me, I've already exceeded my maintenance, I had to replace a fuel pump, and a fuel regulator that had to be flashed, cost 1200.00 combined. Luckily I have a great Mechanic that does it for much less. The Dealership wanted $1900.00, and they didn't know yet what the problem was.
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