Curious about something..


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I've been bumping house and trap music and my ratings have skyrocketed lol.. That's kinda why I ask.


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Depends, anything from EDM to country
Depends on my rides we usually have a conversation about music then it happens
Your listening to matallica
ROCK on!


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Coolest post I've seen in awhile, my kids love that station.
Ughhhh, this one hits deep.

My dad took us to see Chentes concerts in the '70s. Many fond memories of us with my dad at the concerts, jaripeadas and just listening to 8 track tapes, cassettes and records.

I cannot lie, many a time I've shed a tear or two while listening to him sing and I don't even drink. Especially since my dad passed away when I listen to Viejo, mi querido Viejo........

Chingao, I'm tearing up just writing this.


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My radio is OFF most of the time; but, if the ride is long, I will ask my rider about preferences and tune to such station. I have a six-months gift subscription to Sirrus. I will NOT renew it solely for UBER; but, if my family wants it, I will renew.


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I've had Sirius since Dec 2005, can't live without it. Default is Margaritaville. Most people when asked say to keep it on, but I have no problem changing genre. I had 3 Buffalo Sabres players singing (LOUDLY) to A Pirate Looks at 40. I may have joined in as it is one of my faves.


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I play this one Alison Wonderland mix ALOT.. like 30-40% of my pax ask me what mix it is so they can listen to it later..

IDK if that's why my rating has gone up or not.. but I have stopped asking what they want to listen to and just listen to what I want to hear. I figure it is my car.. F em..


As far as music goes its primarily based off my mood.... I have sirius so sometimes its classic vinyl, sometimes its 60s on 6, sometimes its the Tom Petty channel but more or less its classic rock. I figure you can't ever go wrong with classic rock as far as the PAX goes. I do enjoy the Lithium channel as well.


Sirius XM Chill is my default (low volume). But I gauge it by my clients too (age, appearance, pick up location, time) Yes, I guess its stereotyping... But it generally works.
I may need to start putting something on. Everyone I get is always talking my head off. They jump and and chat like they are my best friend. Don't even get the chance to have anything. May have to crank it up a bit.