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father of unicorns

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Can't tell if this is fake. Why would a driver let the pax update destination on driver's phone? Or better yet, the driver could update it themselves.

Disgusted Driver

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I suppose that there are some dumb enough to fall for this, we are Uber drivers after all. Then there was the mention that they might have threatened drivers with violence. I've had two trips out of 9K where pax asked if they could use my phone because theirs was dead. Both cases I offered to dial for them and put on speaker but no one touches my phone. Another time I had a pax in the front seat touch my phone and I asked him what the ____ did he think he was doing? He tried to laugh it off and I threw him out right on the spot. Not all drivers are going to be that assertive, hence the allowing extra pax in the car, open containers, drive thrus etc...

treesweets dancer

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All the tough talk I see from people about "that's what cust svc is about" makes me think a whole lot of people think it's yr responsibility to please a person who happens to be a customer. I guess those people are easy to take advantage of. They feel so proud of their willingness to meet the customer's demands. "Of course u can use my phone, happy to help."


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How could you transfer money to a new account that fast. If I want to change accounts for my own payout, isnt there a waiting period?

Karen carpenter

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The article says that they were threatening. I would assume that's why he handed over the phone. I may be wrong maybe I don't read English.


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Im sure the drivers were very intimidated and hoping to avoid conflict. Can't fear young thugs if you want to drive in NYC. Otherwise just stay in mid town Manhattan or the 500 car que airport lot.


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lmao ya right

the story is coded .... the 33 means it's fake

the amount of "victims" just happens to be "33" ? lmao ya right

they just release some sort of blurry pic to make people think it's legit.....suuuure
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no driver is giving his phone to a pax, get real


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Uber doesn't allow drivers to update destinations anymore.
Are you sure? I see the feature in my app.