Create surges people

There's no way to make money in center city without surges. If drivers would use their heads and stay offline until the surge arises then go online we would all make more money. You can see surges while being offline and you know they'll pop up in heavy populated areas such as center city, university city, etc... You'll go broke doing rides for regular rates in those areas bc it could take 20 minutes to go a mile. Unless you're ok trying to make money on the 18 cents a minute you're given.
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I just don't get it. Why would drivers wanna drive for these pathetic rates? Aren't we all here to make money?


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yup, this reminds me of an interesting conversation when I met the LA driver in Philly which I took him to AC, longest and most interesting discussion..


I agree more and more with this sentiment. This past week I've spoken to a number of people who drive for Uber in other cities and they tell me they manage to plan surges. IDK how they do it, but he said they worked it out and rarely drive without a surge. I keep hearing things about the rates dropping lower, I'm not sure how much lower you can get from 1.10 p/mile and .18 cents a minute... but it's coming. We need to figure it out soon.