Crashes, Going to Jail, WAIT


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Now I have been driving very steady again for wks now. I have seen all kinds of crashes, arrest, fires, and learned how to wait.

I like to share some things I have seen. And some ways I try to avoid accidents.

Last night I just pulled into a Valero. Got out to stretch. A cop was pulling through at the time. A car decided to come down the road (heading south) speeding onto another road (left turn to go east). The cop just turned on his lights and then 2 other vehicles hit head on. (2 pickups) Don't know if the speeding vehicle had anything to do with it. But one truck (going east) looked as if he was turning to go north on the connecting road the speeding car came off. And the other truck was going west. Both were lucky it was a low speed to high speed. And caught half the front of the turning vehicle.
All transported by ground units.

Right after that I picked up 2 people at a club. While driving by a Whataburger at the drive thru we saw a guy with 3 beers cans on top of his car. Cops were arresting him. But I guess he got checked by medics first since a ambulance was there.

Labor Day wknd and Friday night this week had same incident happen. Two very different locations. I had people run red light just after mine turned green. Yes I was transporting pax.
I read some good advice in this forum couple months ago. I have used it everyday and thankful I do. Wait at a red light once it turns green 5 to 10secs. I scan left and right before proceeding during those seconds I wait. Passangers in both incidents were thankful I do that.

Fire Fire Fire! Seen house fires from the freeway. A car fully engulfed.
Last week, I think, there was a bldg near Wayside and 45 engulfed.

Wait was really about waiting at a red light that turns green. That 5 to 10 secs saved me 2 times.
Also I have a habit of driving in the middle lane on freeways, always have. It is usually the smoothest lane and allows me to move over to exit better.
And I as well will if I can separate myself from a group of cars especially transporting pax on the frwy. It just makes things more comfortable for myself on maneuvering and I believe the pax as well.

Figure I just share some tidbits and stories.
Please share your tidbits and stories.


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On 288 yesterday saw a car totally demolished earlier that day watched a dude fall off his motorcycle head first! Last week there was a car fire off 610. 1 wrong way driver downtown. 1 accident downtown. 1 dude driving southbound turned into my northbound lane causing me to swerve right to avoid collision. Let's not talk about all the drunk drivers

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If you have Sirius XM, tune to 136 during rush hour and listen to the traffic report. Houston comes up every ten minutes on the '4s'


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Yet, Uber drivers, knowing the risks, continue to drive on the roads for less than minimum wage and with insurance that probably won't cover them in the event of an accident while Ubering. Not worth it.

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The shortest amount of time measurable by man is the span of time between when a stop light turns green in Houston and when everyone behind you starts laying on their horns.

A joke, courtesy of my brother in Austin.
It's TWU, it's TWU!!!!!