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Craigslist Ad says "Earn $640/week Driving with Uber"

Discussion in 'Inland Empire & Riverside County' started by ElizabethApril, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Does anyone make this much? How many hours do you drive? I assume you don't drive in the IE... I've never made $640/week. Especially in the IE.

    But this is what Uber posted in the Inland Empire Craigslist job boards, where I'm searching for real jobs while earning a little cash on Uber.

    The shocking thing is that Uber lowered its advertising expectations. It used to say "Earn $1,000/week" or something ridiculous. Now it's advertising a slightly above working class wage.
  2. The UberNator

    The UberNator

    Los Angeles
    I make about 500-700 with both uber and lyft 28-35 hrs including dead hours. The IE is dead but you'd be surprise some of the IE riders can take you pretty far which is good because you can just stay out there. You have to know how the system works. (Call the rider and see where they're heading, turn off app when it's about to surge etc) I've been driving for quite a while, and sometimes it's all about luck.
  3. CommanderXL


    It's easily doable if you drive 40 hrs a week or more (less if you do the late-night bar pickups/dropoffs). But, they neglect to advertise that though you may earn that much, you won't keep that much after they deduct the SRF and their 20%, never mind all the expenses like gas.

    Let's be generous and say each fare is $10 so $640 would be 64 trips. 64 trips in 40 hours is only 1.6 trips an hour. But that only leaves the driver with about $460, which is quite different than $640.

    Their ads might be truthful-ish but they are VERY misleading.
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  4. CommanderXL


    I should add that 1.6 trips an hour seems doable, but I doubt if I average that many. And a lot of trips are less than $10 on X. And if I netted $460 in a week it would be one of my best weeks ever. So they advertise a best-case scenario and call your total gross fares "earnings."

    Their ads should probably have a lot of footnotes, like a car dealer ad. Lol
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  5. In Palm Springs my pay outs average $200 to $300 with 20 to 30 average hours logged in. After gas that is $7 to $8 dollars per hour. After depreciation and wear and tear/maintenance... I don't even want to ****ing know.
  6. "Truthiness"
    This is the word you are seeking.

    In a sentence; "Guber uses 'Truthiness' in marketing their great 'partner earnings' opportunity; and in differentiating their brand, "Tipping is not required!"

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  7. If I add evening hrs 7-11pm. I probably could net that much sometimes, but then it would be 12hr days.

    Even there TV commercial, the guy gets home early afternoon, shows his "Net" earnings @ 660.00

    Now maybe Optimusuber accepting only surge fares or another Plus driver can pull that off. But certainly not uberX in the IE.

    I can just see the Headlines now. "Wife of Uber Driver Files for Divorce, Sighting, Husband Spends to Much Time Away From Home."

    And it has not surged in Riverside since the Mayweather fight in May that I know of. Although I did see Corona @ 2.00 today for a short time.

    Hm,... curious about what you average per week or month for long trips, That is beyond Corona , Diamond Bar etc.
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  8. Thanks. I am about do for a OC or LA run. Had a trip to west of V Gardens and wondered if I should hang out for a bit but then it was early enough that the 60 was still moving so I headed back.

    Also from about 4pm to 7 ? I see so many just hanging out mon thur thurs. I think you may as well go home and be with family till at least 7:30. But I don't know there personal lives so to each there own i guess.
  9. Truthful ish . . . VERY GENEROUS most trips since the rate cut are $2.40 you do the math, Used to do 350-450 since rate cut best week 230 and I'm driving more days to make that.
  10. UberAccent


    Inland Empire
    Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe in Japan. Certainly not in the Inland Empire! You'll be lucky if you could break 100 in a week and that's if you're busting your butt. It actually costs money to drive Uber now with the price war that's going on.

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