Court Battle over Uber License


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All's geared up either side waiting for judgement day , may the best win

Uber be like .... Give me the freaking licence

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There should be a court battle over the existence tfl and the blood sucking mayors. Indeed there should be legal challenge to the very "system" we all slave in. But hey lets just get the fall guy for now, world will be smelling of roses then.

Jack Barclay

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TfL at very short sighted in that they have lost 90 million in bus revenue as bus users are now using uber.

Financially more money in getting these back on buses and with cross railing coming back here too.

Top TfL brass are directors of these private bus companies so have the incentive to get more back on public transport

All depends if the operator in question had anything on those involved

It was reported that a senior TfL manager went on holiday to San Francisco and stayed on the same street as Uber's HQ for example

sinbad 1

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TFL losing funding in 2018.

I doubt they will want to lose the Millions of pounds en route from Uber.
either way TFL will get sued by someone at a cost of millions&the "professional" reputation of some of their senior staff-be interestung