Couple O' Ubers

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My fiancé and I are in the process of signing up with Uber. We are looking for a quick and temporary way to help finance our wedding.

What are some good base ground rules to go by, for beginners?
Any tips, tricks that you wish you were told prior to starting with Uber?
What precautions should a female take when driving?
Pros & Cons, please share some of your experiences. We are trying to get an idea of what we are getting ourselves into.



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Tell folks you're ubering because you can't afford a wedding - that may, may, garner you some tips.

But for the amount of depreciation your car is gonna to take you might as well Airbnb your place out and sleep in your car for a few nights--make more money that way and at least you're guaranteed a cleaning fee


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I can't think of any special precautions that a woman should take for safety that a man shouldn't also take.

I wish I was told that almost no one tips.

I wish I was told never to "chase the surge". By the time you get to the surge area, it will be over. And many times, I have been right in the middle of a surge area when it started, when the surge rate went up and down, and when it went away altogether, and never got pinged for a ride. Surge rates are almost like unicorns, they sound really cool but you don't hardly ever see them in real life.