Couldn't pick up pax in app


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I picked up pax, went to hit the button, no signal. I started driving her to destination (no signal is common where pickup was) and tried all the way there to get it to pick her up but it just kept saying "confirm you arrived." When I'd confirm, nothing happened.

I got her to the drop and let her out and now what?


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You gave a free ride
No they paid it but claimed there was no surge at the time. I said that's ridiculous. If there was no surge I would never have accepted the ride (it was 1.4) So big deal, it's only a couple of bucks difference and the card rate is better than free


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I always have settings open in the background with the cellular option visible. I toggle it on and off, and that usually does the trick, uber will show you a screen saying "lost signal, reconnect"- or something along those lines.

This comes in handy during rainy days when the signal is weak all around. Constantly switching the cellular service or airplane mode on and off always resets it.