Could uber be scamming drivers by crossing driver and rider application


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This is a pretty funny thing that happened to me tonight. I was in a secluded area of Sterling taking a break from driving . So I just said hey I'm going to look to see how many Uber drivers are around me . I'm about 10 away from completing my quest for the week . So when I turned on the Rydar app I saw that there was seven drivers near me , yet there was absolutely no one in that parking lot . The parking lot was pretty big so I drove around to see where the drivers were because it showed that they were literally right in my vicinity and low in behold there was no one .

So my question is could Uber be tricking the system so we can't complete our quest in quick time? I know it's a far fetched theory, but I'm just wondering why did it show that there was drivers around me when tget absolutely were not


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In my area you can only see 8 drivers at a time But six months ago you could see all the driver in my areaBut now because are so many drivers and not enough people getting rides they hide it and you can only see when you get close within an area of the drivers so yeah in my area Uber scam in the hell out of everybody


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