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Costco membership for fuel - worth it?

Discussion in 'Adelaide' started by AdlDave, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. AdlDave

    AdlDave Member

    Hello all, I was given a Costco membership for Christmas so thought I would check it out this week and see what the fuss is about. I didn't have time to fully explore inside (because it's freaking massive) but I did stop by the fuel outlet. Diesel was 115 cents per litre compared to 135 at the servos around home.

    Costco membership is $60 per year ($55 for a business membership) - so with my diesel powered car averaging 7.5l/100 around town:

    2500km/yr = 187.5 litres x 0.20 = $37.50 saving
    5000km/yr = 375 litres x x 0.20 = $75 saving
    7500km/yr = 562.5 litres x 0.20 = $112.5 saving
    10000km/yr = 750litres x 0.20 = $150 saving

    So just under 5000km year you save enough to cover your membership. Even at only 10 cents per litre difference just over 8000kms would recover the cost. If your car uses more fuel the savings would be better.

    I know costco also sells tyres and bottles of water etc so whether or not you could also save a bit on those I'm not sure. Apart from Costco the cheapest fuel seems to be around the intersection of Henley Beach Road and Holbrooks Road where the mogas, liberty and OTR seem to be having a price war - not sure how long that will last though.

    Thoughts? Anyone else on here buying their fuel from costco?
  2. Craka

    Craka Active Member

    If it's close why not
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  3. Jack Malarkey

    Jack Malarkey Well-Known Member

    Buying fuel from Costco is popular with Canberra-based Uber drivers.

    The savings in the cost of fuel are large. Moreover, the Canberra Costco is very close to the airport, making its location very convenient for Uber drivers.
  4. Gary Steele

    Gary Steele Member

    Its a no brainer, also worth taking a fuel can each time on free days when you grab the $5.90 chickens.
    Not to mention the $1.99 hot dog with the free refill soft drink .
    was $1.23 this week
  5. Ben Hall

    Ben Hall Well-Known Member

    Liberty was 118.9 yesterday at some western locations.
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