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Cost of a Towncar service in metro San Diego Compared to Uber

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by UberReallySucks, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. For those of you who keep wondering is they should still provide the extra amenities as suggested by UBER despite the continuous rate cuts or anything more than just a safe ride, take a look at how much those amenities will run a pax if he was to order a Town-car...

    A trip from any of the locations below to the Airport on Uberx will be way less than 20 dollars.

    By amenities I mean, the chauffeur will help with luggage, may open doors, wait as long as needed, make an extra stop on the way to pick up another passenger, provide water and mints, chargers for both android and Apple :) etc... basically what an Uber driver is expected to do + or -

    Anything extra will cost extra.

    Metro San Diego Rates:

    Luxury SUV service $40 extra.

    A 20% Service Fee will be added to the final rate which includes your chauffeur's gratuity for your convenience.

    Bay Park – $65
    Clairemont – $65
    Coronado – $65
    Fashion Valley – $65
    Hillcrest – $65
    La Jolla – $65
    Linda Vista – $65
    Mission Beach – $65
    Mission Valley – $65
    North Park – $65
    Ocean Beach – $65
    Pacific Beach – $65
    Point Loma – $65
    Torrey Pines – $65
    UTC / University City – $65
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  2. UberComic


    Los Angeles
    Town car service would be more comparable to UberPlus or UberBlack. UberX would be better compared to taxi rates, which are still much higher.
  3. Exactly my point....thank you very much... there are quite a few paxs that order uberx and expect limousine treatment... or rather champagne on a beer budget.

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