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Weren’t scientists in the past telling everyone the world was flat, the sun orbited the earth, the moon moves the tides?

Those scientists were wrong then about those things and in the future the scientists of today will be proven wrong by scientists of their time.

Science it only fact until it’s proven not to be.
It was the science denying Catholic Church that was largely responsible for silencing the scientist who discovered and proved the earth orbited the sun. Gallileo was condemned as a heretic and died incarcerated.

For centuries, scientists were silenced and persecuted by the powerful, science denying religious institutions. Charles Darwin was lauded by fellow scientists for his groundbreaking work proving evolution yet there are still today religious institutions here in the US who deny that science. The Sarah Palins of the world who insist the earth can only be 6000 years cuz of the bible says so crowd.

Scientists today completely respect tomorrow's science may disprove current theories. It is the science deniers who place THEIR simplistic layman's judgement above scientific principles that are the problem.