Corona virus


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Uber has not issued any statement regarding the coronavirus? But we have huge numbers of people traveling back to the US from China..
An entire flight was canceled last night into CVG because the whole plane was detained in Chicago for health inspection overnight to fly into CVG following morning..... Their many students flying into the area going back to school. Wonder when Uber is going to address this across the Nation?

Patrick R Oboyle

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They did address an issue down in mexico. Likely at the "advice" of the cdc.

They probably shut down uber when and IF the government says so. And even then... They likely still allow you... The driver to accept rides cause.... Money talks.

The value of 1 dollar is worth far more than the value of a person.

You can be sacrafised for a few dollars. Cause.. Theyll be someone else behind you to take your place. Thats ubers stance.

Its kinda been proven time and again by the way they treat the drivers.


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There was a non-taxi rental car driver dead in Taiwan, Uber said it was not an Uber driver publicly.

Granted it's not an Uber driver, the deadly effect is still very serious for all drivers that come into contact with passengers from all over the world. The episode continues as the dead driver may leave up to 5 relatives and/or family members tested positive with infection and 60 hospital works to be quarantined for 14 days. He was only identified with the COVID19 virus one day before he RIP because he was not tested or screened for the COVID19 virus for the 20+ days he was sick with flu like symptoms.