Core area requirement dropped?

Jack Malarkey

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The Uber driver app is currently advising me about an income guarantee period for me tomorrow (Thursday 4 August 2016) from 5.00 am to 8.00 am.

It lists only two requirements: (1) one trip per hour minimum; and (2) at least 90% of requests accepted.

The traditional requirement that at least 30% of trips begin in the Canberra core area is not there. That's a welcome development.

I'll be most interested to see whether the core area requirement no longer applies to income guarantee periods on Friday and Saturday nights.

Jack Malarkey

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My app is showing an income guarantee period available to me tonight (Friday 5 August 2016) from 6.00 pm to midnight.

The requirements INCLUDE at least 30% of trips beginning in the Canberra core area. So it looks as if it's only the early morning income guarantee periods that now omit the requirement relating to trips beginning in the core area.