Considering Uber- Everret WA- Want to know how reliable


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My husband and I are relocating to Everett, Wa and we want to know how reliable of an income uber provides. I have a position that will cover all of our bills, but we are looking for this income to cover food, gas, and any fun spending money.

We are hoping for about 300-500 a month after paying for working/driving gas. Is this realistic working between 30 and 40 hours a week?

I am concerned about our location in Everett and being a bit out of the Seattle way. Is there much business up there or will he have to drive down to Seattle which will inevitably cut into our profit?

Also, I heard Seattle was putting a cap on how many drivers can be on the road at once. Did this bill go through? Has this caused problems for other drivers?
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I used to live in Everett/Marysville and I have family up in Smokey Point and as far out as Mukilteo. Seattle isn't the busiest part of the area, everything around it is almost just as busy. Everett isn't terrible, plus it's right on the sound which is nice, plus there are a lot of businesses moving further north as time has gone by. 300-500 is decent. I made 718 on an event week in Salt Lake City in 7 days. So, 300-500 is pretty realistic. Hope I helped!


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