Considering knowledge..

Knowledge of London is a qualification that you can get good chauffeur job in future as well with company benefits plus even other jobs. By working for uber looks like we're destroying what we came to this country for - to earn good living! I'm applying to do knowledge as well.

ill be bach

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I am considering the knowledge, do you think Uber has taken over or is black cab still on top of its game.
I could be wrong but i can't help noticing an increasing amount of illuminated "TAXI" lights everywhere!
It looked like Harrods had gone mobile and was travelling along Piccadilly :biggrin::biggrin:

Ubend R.S.

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Well I'll be honest and you can take it however you like. Last year was bad. I sat on any rank that had a space for the first 6 months. It was long, boring shifts and many times didn't make my money. I honestly thought the game was over. It was an election year and older, calmer cabbies said that was the reason. I thought it was uber. Truth is it may have been both.

This year kipper was OK. Took a long time to start. Wasn't as harsh as 2015 and was over quicker. The easter fortnight was the usual tumbleweed experience but unlike most years I wasn't counting down the days till the flower show. In fact I didn't pick up from there once. I did dabble with hailo but now just use it for cc jobs.

There is work a plenty and the Arabs ain't even here (8 more days apparently ). Rate 3 has picked back up and roaders are the usual again. Thurs I pushed it with a Flitwick at 2.30am from bank even though I had to pick my boy u from Chorleywood at 4.00am for Luton. of my teeth.

None of know what the future will be but I will say this. If I was to win the lottery I would still drive a cab at least one or two nights a week. I love it. When you aren't chasing money it really is a fantastic job.


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Honestly is 100000000 time better then uber shiiiiiiit
Been back after month off I do mix airport and westend been very good last night I didn't even have time to take my break till 5am

If anyone wants to do it go for it is worth it big time :smiles::smiles::smiles:


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Yes, I did it after driving minicabs for nearly three decades.

Probably missed the golden years of the 80s and mid 90's, but still gives me a good return in comparison with what PH has been like for the last couple of years.

I can't see PH getting any better unless there;s a massive move towards higher standards of topography and testing, or some sort of cap on driver numbers, neither of which I can see happening anytime soon.


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best thing you can do. its hell for couple years studying but after that you have your freedom. i work fulltime and do the knowledge at the same time. you have to suffer if you want something good. talking to my cabbie mates i learned is even when is quite for a cabbie he is still taking twice if not more then a uber without having to make crazy hours.