considering becoming an UBER driver tonight


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1. Dress appropriately depending on weather
2. Greet each rider with enthusiasm, apply acting during scenarios with clients
3. Use Google maps or Waze as the GPS of choice.
4. Drive safely and abide State laws
5. Always start trip the moment all riders are in and end trip when all riders are out
6. Rate appropriatly!

Remember today is your first day, just take a deep breath, and hope to catch big fares.

I've done almost 2000 trips.


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Only pick up passengers with 4.8 or higher rating. Pick up a low rated passenger, they will both be a pain and rate you a 1. Your rating drops below 4.6, you're gone. Ratings are as important as earnings.

Learn the uber application thoroughly before you set out.

No drunks, ever. No under age kids, ever unless accompanied by adult. No college kids, ever. No punks, ever.

Carry a portable, rechargeable vacuum. Clean up the carpets. Helps your ratings. Use mild air freshener.

Get your flu shots.

Never break the law for a passenger, ever.

Use a fully depreciated car. Never ever a new one.