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Considering becoming an Uber driver in Adelaide but...


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Jeremy best to get a solid part time job then later try uber...imho thats the sweet spot because of the tax implications..
There's the thing. As a part time gig personal tax of 30% plus along with maybe 7% GST Ubers 27.5% take maybe 10-15% in fuel costs? Without taking into account Ubers booking fee ( 55 cents i forget?) plus the 1 dollar government levy.? If the passengers has paid 12 dollars in total for the trip and you subtract these deductions its just not great maths.

Part time drivers tend to fall into a few categories.

The guys you see hanging around long term part time generally have a full-time job elsewhere that they don't declare their income from. That way they are not paying personal tax so its an extra 30% plus in their pocket the average guy doesn't get.

Retirees who just want to get out of the house and get a little spending money again not generally earning enough to worry about the tax side of things.

Then there's those who are ignorant of the governments data matching and drive until they are sent a reminder from the ATO they have records of your earnings. At last count the ATO had 20% of current Uber drivers in that category. The ATO figures probably work on current drivers as in the past 12 months though? My definition of current would be 3 months based on drivers turnover and I would have the % non compliant figure a fair bit higher.

Real people with real jobs simply don't hang around as a rule. One or two exceptions on this board ? not normal people though.?