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Consecutive Rider Cancellations (Poll)

What is highest number of consecutive rider cancellations you've ever had?

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Okay, so yesterday, I'm cruising northwest in the Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs (CA) area. I'm on my way to Commerce Casino for a little poker, but I thought I'd see what fares I would have along the way. I get a hit, and start rolling; they cancel. I get another one, and I pull up and park; after two minutes of waiting, the rider cancels (I did get paid on that one)! Moments later, another hit, and THEY cancel. Then they hit again (and cancel AGAIN). Then I get one, and just before I pull up, you guessed it: Canceled! Five consecutive rider cancellations, all in the space of about 25 minutes!

FINALLY, I get this guy in Norwalk who's picking up a car in Whittier (a little A-to-B run, as I call it), then a young lady in Whittier who's going home to Arcadia (decent fare there). But talk about a rough start!

Therefore, I have decided to start a poll; feel free to share your war stories.


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I had a guy cancel probably 4 -5 times consecutively. Then he finally allowed me to pick him up. I questioned him and his answer was :

The app was messing up.



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i have had a night where i had 7 cancels from pax and 2 no show cancels from me i got paid on. it was like 2 hours span. unreal pax need to pay a fee after 3min. you can go very far in 3-4min.