Confirmed 60% drop in DUIs in Portland


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Great article. Low rates have not just created extra demand, but they have saved lives too! Maybe instead of "make it up in volume' we need to save 'make it up in lives'


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Study done in 2017 showed DUIs dropped 60% in Portland when ridehailing was active vs when it was not.
Bening a statistician that is more correlation than causation. It could be awareness, enforcement, or having a bar on every street corner. I always question stats. Up to 60% of them are good stats but the other 55% have been totally manipulated.

And in Portland is is no longer alcohol DUII's, it is pot DUII's.

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With the legalization of mj, it could be argued that if all else were equal that DUIs would have been expected to rise during this past 5 years.

I agree with miss Uber, the rock bottom prices have led to a significant drop here. We are a serious beer, wine, marijuana and strip bar city. 60% may not be exact, but there has been a definite decline in arrests.

As a side effect I have noticed that the police are more tolerant of driving offenses than in the past. I have been pulled over 4 times in the past 2 years, for offenses I would normally be ticketed for. But they see the stickers in my window and cut me some slack, maybe because they see the decrease in deaths overall as well and I am driving at 1am. Who knows. Maybe they just like big black guys with mohawks.
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