Completely dead

Brady One

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DEAD all morning so far!
6-8 ride share cars every two blocks
Not a single ping in Lincoln park since 5:30am
The demand and even the smallest morning surge seem to have completely disappeared.
Uber and lyft have completely over saturated the market with drivers.
Doesn't look like it will pick up any time soon ... just gotta pray for rain , lots of events and cold weather and snow might be our only hope !


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I'm getting pings from 3-4 miles away in the city. What a joke


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And here we go again....of course it’s dead at @@@@ing 530am. Here’s how the morning usually works in LP and lakeveiw: 4am-5am two types, either drunks going home or rides to airports. 5am-7am is a ghost town, because most people are still just waking up and not too much movement. 730am-9am is the small window you are gonna get surges if you get them.
This is got to be like the fourth or fifth thread about how slow it is. It’s not, you are just driving at the wrong times.

Ad nauseam

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That right? I was in burbs Monday and Tuesday.....had to deal with car maintenance most of Wednesday. Ever try your damn best to work, but something just ain't right? Like you can't calibrate the tool? (ME!) And slow so doesn't help much. If weather a factor then this chill morn should help. I'm working 14 today. I love nip perk peeks, being the perv I is. Gotta get those in before they remember the winter coat. I stare wide mouth. I never harass or be a complete jerk, but when I spot a good perky pair....have been overheard. Thank you Jesus, yez yes Lord.....


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I don't know if dead is the right term. Oversaturated seems more appropriate. The business is there, I've had non stop rides with American but I'm only competing against 1200 other cars as opposed to 250000. Something has to be done about oversaturation with rideshare, I honestly would consider driving for uber or lyft if they capped it the way they do with taxis so there's a fair work pool for everyone.


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I don't know why anyone is surprised about the current state of affairs. A couple of years back, Travis stated that his objective was that no rider should have to wait more than 3 minutes to get an Uber. The only way to do that is to saturate the market.

The ONLY way to make money on this gig is to drive when/where demand exceeds supply. Working morning AM/PM rush in the usual places will get you nickels and dimes. If you're looking to make a $200-300 a week, then that's all you need to do. Any higher financial goal is going to require you to be out at times and places where other drivers aren't or don't want to be. Simple as that.