Compensation for the 6/30 thursday night Uber service outage?


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I just receive this update on my this week's summary.

No email or anything explaining this yet, but my best guess is the compensation for the 6/30 thursday night Uber service outage. I didn't find posts talking about the outage, but I know quite some areas across the U.S. are affected, according to the comment area of a website monitoring web service outage.

My area is in Southwest Connecticut. It happened from about 10 pm till 11-ish. Neither rider app nor driver app works. So I went back home and planned to sleep early. After I had a shower, the service started to restore. There wasn't many drivers available on the road and the surge was bouncing between 1.5x and 4x according to the rider app. However, upon open my driver's app, it seems somewhat broken. The surge heat map is not showing correctly, and I don't get pings when I got online. (May because it was during 3x surge)

Then, here it is. $33.66 added to my account, without any detail explanation or calculation. I'll take it.



Uber just sent me an email regarding this, but with minimum detail:
With Uber you should always be able to open the app and accept trips. Recently there was a technical error with the app, which doesn’t meet the high standards we set for ourselves.

We’ve fixed the problem and we want to make it up to you. We’ve deposited an extra $33.66 directly into your account, which you will see reflected on your next payment statement. This is our way of letting you know we’ve got your back and that we’re committed to delivering an experience you can count on.

When you sign in to drive, you deserve a reliable app every time. We’re hard at work making sure that’s exactly what you’ll get from here on out.

Thank you for your partnership.

Your Uber Team
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I received $34.20 in the Baltimore area.
I have not driven in 2 weeks and was blissfully unaware of any problem.


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Yep - I took one Uber ride Thursday night (Sting and Peter Gabriel concert in Auburn Hills, MI). Online 45 minutes, $75 dollar fare - 3x surge to Downtown Detroit. Uber added $45 for my troubles. Although, it is true that I had trouble logging on to Uber prior to the concert ending. Feel like I hit the uber jackpot for that night.

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I was also in the area, got a ride at 10:38 and another at 11:06. One was from New Canaan and the other from Norwalk, not Stamford proper (which I usually do not linger in) so that might have had something to do with it. Got my $19.47 though.