Compare your this week fares with last week


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Ever since uberpool is out i have been jus doing part time to cover cost. So far last week i completed 52 trips net 799(haven deduct rental and petrol) - deduct means i don earn any money. This week so far i complete 49 trips net only 490 there is a big big drop. Do check urs and post here


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same. already gonna leave for grab already. preparing already. just got myself an andriod phone. uber doesnt value and appreciate their drivers. making us work like dogs yet getting lesser and lesser incentives. then will we really do it for them, they will short change us by saying we didnt hit requirements bla bla etc.


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For long term, they won't last. No business can sustain by burning money. It may be burning big money now because it wants to kill Grab but eventually will have to give up, just like giving up China.