I was there Thursday night. Move-Out Day. It was a MADHOUSE!

I was delivering food, but checked the Rider App around 10:30 and there were about 12 UberXs all crowded into Amherst center where the bars are.

I'll be there Saturday night, also.

This whole weekend should be good for Amherst and Northampton, maybe even Springfield, too.


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I was there Thursday night. Move-Out Day. It was a MADHOUSE!
I was there for move out too. I got a kid moving out of one dorm to a friends apt across campus, 2.4 surge, two trips with a nice long wait to load up his stuff. Not bad for sitting around for the better part of an hour.
Then I couldn't get a minute between pings, I would be half way to a drop off and I would get my next ping. Right up until 8:00 when the dorms closed. Then I had to get out of there and come home to eat.

Chuck Morris

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Had dropped a passenger off from BDL who's cusin was graduating on Friday saw the heat maps where fired up at 930 Am. Had scheduled work that took me to JFK so couldn't stick around. How did it go up there?
Last years commencement I hit an hour with four rides that got me 200 during surge the night of the ceromoonies.

Jim A

I totally missed out on the ceremony surge. Got the notice too late to be able to go (I have a f.t. job that requires at least 2 weeks notice for time off and I normally work the evening shift).

Hope the drivers that got to go had a good time.


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I wound up bouncing around Springfield, and that area, Each time I made the attempt to get to Umass, I got another ping. By the time I got up there, It was insane, cops at every entrance, not letting people in. I got a ping to pick up on University Drive, cops would not let me in, Pax was calling. I told them I was attempting to get onto campus and if they still wanted the ride, I would be there when I could get on campus. 40 minutes after the ping, I got them, took them f minutes down the road. 4 star rating and no tip. They could have walked in less time then it took me to get on campus.


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wow. me speak inglish some times. I meant to ask "how did the guarantee hourly rate work for everyone this weekend?"