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coming back from vacation 4 pax and 4 super-sized bags

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Thehulk, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Thehulk


    New york
    I do uberxl in nyc plus Uber family which I have to carry a car seat assigned by uber. A passenger came back from vacation and he was traveling with his family (4 passengers total). To my surprise each one of these passengers had 1 extra large bags with them (they definitely had to pay extra fees to get them on their flight). Mind you this pax ordered a uberx.
    In my mini van I hardly was able to fit all 4 bags. So I proceeded to write a letter to uber stating the current situation after the trip was complete. And they need to revise the fare and upgrade that passengers uberx rates and upgrade it to uberxl.
    Just to let you know when you pick up somebody from jfk airport, port authority assigned a specific parking lot for Uber drivers to wait for requests, in turn Uber places you on a queue which the average wait time is about 2 hours to get a request to pick up a pax.
    This is their response...

    "Sorry to hear about the hassle of transporting all the extra items on this trip. I understand how this could be frustrating.

    Riders are allowed to bring items along at no additional charge if the items fit into your car. While we don’t have a limit to the luggage or items riders bring along like we do with the number of passengers, we do ask riders to ask permission before transporting extremely large items — we know you work hard to maintain the quality of your car.

    If you aren’t comfortable taking particular items or if you don’t think the items will fit into your car, some of the things I recommend doing are politely asking the riders to cancel and request the appropriately sized vehicle, or offering to make two trips, making it clear you’ll keep the trip going the whole time.

    If you have further questions how to best handle situations like this, I’ll be happy to help."

  2. Or just tell those passengers that it is $5 for each piece of luggage. (Payable when the bags are loaded into the vehicle)

    Uber says you are an independent contractor and Uber says you can set your own rates. If Uber said it then it must be true.

    So just start setting your own rates for baggage and other special assistance needed.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2015
  3. Thehulk


    New york
    Good idea!!
  4. glados


    Uber is under no obligation to allow you access to the platform. While you do have the legal right to set rates as an IC, Uber may deactivate you for charging higher than the suggested rates, or charging passengers for any additional fees.
  5. And that will put Uber into more hot water with the current class action lawsuits in addition to other suits that could be filed.
  6. glados


    No, eBay is free to deactivate or ban anyone they please, and UberPeople.net is free to ban any user they please for example. Unless it is for a discriminatory reason.
  7. poopy


    Well then EBay and UPN need to catch up and get respondent status in a few hundred lawsuits!

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