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Frontier Guy

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Has anyone ever combined pax, sort of your own version of Line or Pool, but having a Lyft and Uber pax sharing a trip?

Last week, I got a ride request early morning from Uber, when I called the pax to confirm the address (148th and Washington area didn't compute), he said they were going to DIA. Just as I hung up with him, I got a Lyft request. The Uber pax was 18 minutes away, the Lyft pax was 2 minutes away. I accepted both, but tossed the Uber pax back in the water. I was almost tempted to call the Lyft pax and check his destination before cancelling the Uber trip.

That got me thinking, if I had known both were heading to DIA, and should I have snagged both of them? I was at 120th and Huron when I got both requests, after picking up the Lyft pax, Lyft routed me up I-25 to E-470 to DIA, the Uber pax would have been on my way anyhow.


Jimmy Bernat

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Good way to get deactivated
Thought has crossed my mind but if one of the passangers complained to uber or lyft I almost guarantee they would deactivate you

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Yeah, that was my concern as well, I figure I would have doubled my money, but would it have been worth it.