Collier refunding VFH license fees


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Yup mine expires in February,can't wait for the $20.00 ,but also I save $ 500.00 for the next year license ,just pay the $100.00 for the Lee County and the $ 30.00 for the airport.
Did anybody figured out how much Collier is losing with their decision.
I think it was something like 2500 licenses each year ,times $ 500.00 ,plus the penalty $ 1500.00 per fined Uber driver.
I wonder how they want to cover that approximately 2 Million revenue loss.


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One of the best parts though is that I can 100% guarantee the owners of the cab companies are all republicans and go for all the libertarian, teabagger bologna. I know the one guy that owned the car service that I worked for was one of them.