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Discussion in 'Fort Myers & Naples' started by PegasusUBER, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. PegasusUBER


    Paradise - S W Florida

    Greg Stanley 10/27/15 - 3:01 pm


    Henning moves to deregulate vehicle for hire industry, taxi companies along with Uber.

    Industry is deregulated, commissioners vote 4-1.

    Essentially, anyone with a driver's license will be able to operate a cab here.

    Collier becomes the second county in FL to stop regulating taxis, behind Sarasota.

    Collier, then, is taking the polar opposite approach as Lee County, which is cracking down on Uber and its drivers.

    Collier County will no longer issue taxi licenses. No background checks will be done on any drivers.
  2. UberHammer


    Between the saw and nails
    Nothing good has come from municipalities that have tried to treat Uber and Lyft like taxi cabs. Not sure if this is the right solution, but it's better than what they've been trying.
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  3. Lol. Win. I thought collier would be harder to change than lee! Wow.

  4. Some pretty broad statements that could mean many different things.
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  5. SoBeUBER


    Wow! So the VFH business is being completely deregulated in Collier? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for de-regulation and and a level playing field. It's just that having absolutely no regulations at all just seems downright dangerous.

    I find it pretty hard to believe that they are going to allow anybody and everybody with a driver's license and $10,000 in personal insurance
    to slap a cab light onto their cars. $10,000 doesn't go very far in hospitals these days (not that that would matter anyway as the personal coverage policies wouldn't pay a red dime when they find out the car was being used as a taxi).

    For years, I have been required to have commercial insurance that has listed the Collier Board of County Commissioners as a named insured, so that in case somebody was hurt, the county would not be held liable or sued for failure to provide adequate protection to the public. I understand you uber drivers have coverage for your riders, but what about the fleet of true gypsy cabs absolute deregulation will allow? Does anyone else not see this as a grave public safety issue? Is the county not worried at all about people taking legal action against them for failing to implement the basic public safety measures/ VFH regulations that have been in place for decades?

    Also, with complete deregulation comes limitless meters, there are going to be some pretty shocked tourists when cab drivers are able to alter their meters to whatever the hell they feel like at the moment. But I guess that's not new to ya'll, you call it "surge pricing" but at least you warn your victims before cleaning out their wallets...
  6. @ SoBeUBER: "Also, with complete deregulation comes limitless meters, there are going to be some pretty shocked tourists when cab drivers are able to alter their meters to whatever the hell they feel like at the moment. But I guess that's not new to ya'll, you call it "surge pricing" but at least you warn your victims before cleaning out their wallets..."

    No one is taking cabs or limos anymore because they have been doing this all along! The only victims are those folks in Lee County and coming into RSW that are being extorted! RSW is forcing travelers to use MBA or third party companies that are in with the Port Authority. Eventually there will be a class action lawsuit against RSW and Lee County once the traveling public realizes they are being fleeced! That's exactly what happened in Broward.
  7. SoBeUBER


    Plenty of people still use cabs, remember the median age here in Naples is about 55 and a solid portion of those 60+ either don't have a smart phone or can't be troubled to figure out how to use an app so they call a traditional cab company when they need to go to the airport/doctor/car service center.

    Also, I was up in NYC for the summer and while uber and other e-hailing services have taken a portion of the business up there, statistics released by the MTA show that yellow and green cabs still have a higher number of daily trips than Uber does. I guess the idea is, why should people pull out their phones and wait for a ride when there is an available cab right there staring them in the eye.

    I personally have logged over 1000 uber trips back when the rates were set at 1.75/mile, and I noticed the clientele was definitely younger, I think the number of riders I had over the age of 60 was under 3%...

    Also, nobody is being extorted at RSW. Nobody is forcing anybody to use MBA, people are free to call any cab company they like whose vehicles are properly licensed with the county and have the proper decals. That class action you mention in Broward was filed AGAINST Uber, not the cab company (Yellow cab) that runs out of there.. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fl-taxi-lawsuit-broward-20151005-story.html
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  8. I beg to differ with you SBU but not being able to call an UBER on airport property is most certainly extortion. One way or another the traveling public are denied CHOICE! No one wants to take cabs or limos because they are grossly overpriced and the typical cab is disgusting. These are not my words but the words of 100% of the ridership I have had with me. Being denied choice is the same as extortion! Once the county starts to get the negative feedback from the traveling public I believe there will be change.
  9. SoBeUBER


    I agree with you on some points. Yes, MBA sure does charge a lot of money for a ride, even more than I do! But it is unfair to call them disgusting, sure there are some beat up, unkempt cabs running around, but those are not MBA vans. MBA vans are the cream of the crop of SWFLTransportation Company, they are detailed daily and to be able to drive one, you have had to be an excellent driver with the company in a regular bluebird cab for many years. You can't just walk into SWFLT and say you want to be an MBA driver, you have to earn that position and the drivers keep the vans spotless...

    You say traditional cabs charge too much, I say Uber doesn't charge enough. I'm not sure how long you have been driving, but can you honestly say, even if you had unfettered access to the airport that you are making a good living driving for $0.75 cpm +$0.10/min???
  10. ulf


    I agree that some of the big Limo Companies charging too much the same way Uber is charging too low.
    I ,and the most individual Limos charging between $ 60--$ 75.00 from Naples to the Airport.
    I think that is a fair price for getting a transportation in a Mercedes S 550 or a Towncar vs $ 40.00 by Uber riding in a much smaller vehicle .
    While I agree that Uber will take away a lot of business from the Taxi I doubt that will be the same from the Limo services.
    Limo rides are mostly longer then taxi rides,so you want to be more comfortable ,you can pre order and your Limo picks you up at the time you specify .
  11. I can agree with that. Limo's rock. Taxi's are teh sux! I'm glad I'm not stuck driving or owning or working for taxis! Like SoBe. That guys a tool!
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  12. SoBeUBER


    I don't drive for a taxi company, I have my own 100% legal Black Towncar with plenty of private clients I've built up over the years. My clients appreciate he luxury and roominess of my car and I earn almost 3 times in cash what you do for the same amount of work you do on 1099....Your name calling doesn't bother me a bit, just makes you look like a.....
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  13. I agree, I've seen it that way since the beginning. The car services have a different segment of the market. Business travelers who are expensing the ride so they don't give a crap about price and therefore will order a car. 1% ers who don't need to stand and wait for a pick-up when they can pay to have the person meet them when they come off the plane and carry their bags for them. people with large groups who need a specific vehicle and can't screw around with trying to get it via an uber request.

    but cabs are fuc&ed
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  14. Like a what ya toolbag? If you don't drive a taxi why the hell are you on this site? It sounds like you don't have a stake in this either way. Lux services will never go away. Taxi's are screwed. Now let's make love... XOXO
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  15. Collier? wow that harder county in Florida. Thats awesome. Hopefully they don't change by tomorrow! :)
  16. It's one of the dumbest and laziest things I've ever seen done by a government and obviously that's saying alot.

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