Coachella Not Worth It

It is a waste of time to drive from home to the Desert in most cases empty, then wait in the parking lot full of dirt for over two hours, breathing all that dust, for an additional $40 they are offering? I am outs! Plus everywhere you will pick people up, you will encounter traffic and drunk passengers that cannot locate their driver. You only receive 11 cents a minute sitting in traffic.


If you came in from out of town, lick your wounds and go home. Palm Springs is nothing but Lyft and Uber lights up and down the street, the locals stay at home this weekend and next weekend, so you won’t be driving them to dinner or down to the clubs one after another, and your days of making $1000 each weekend are over. Palm Springs surged to 25% today and that was it. Right now I’m looking at 10 drivers sitting in DHS on a Friday night at 11:00PM ? *starts singing “Desperado”* I don’t know if that’s as funny as almost 50 people sitting on the airport lot earlier.