CNBC Mocks LYFT Earnings


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"These guys say they're going to get to a point where they'll stop losing money. How? How does that happen?".

The analyst cracked me up talking about how 2019 will be Lyft's worst year because SDCs are going to save them starting next year.

Best line "the Lyft management team has high integrity".
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So essentially the analysts are delusional about the capabilities and the obstacles still facing driverless technology.

There are no driverless cars and not likely to be for decades if ever.

So take driverless cars out of the equation.

Now what?
We see they’re delusional but they can refer their clients to the Intel report claiming a $7 Trillion opportunity to justify their misplaced optimism. It will take years for reality to set in.

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Analyst (on Lyft management): "This team is a high-integrity, high ethical team..."


"... and I think that a lot of investors don't really appreciate that part of the story".

Yeah, that's because Lyft ethics is a story. That and the fact that a lot of investors aren't dumbasses.