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Clueless writer says Dara ( Mr. Pay Cut) is trying to make things better for drivers


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I realize that when I call business and tech writers clueless I'm being redundant, but I couldn't help myself.

Articles like this show how lazy and incompetent these writers are.

If she did even a little homework, she would have discovered that Dara has done nothing but CUT OUR PAY in various ways including rate cuts, decimation of promotions, loss of surge, and elimination of the 4 additional DFs his PREDECESSOR TRAVIS approved.


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Yesterday I wrote a rather long post about this subject which somehow did not save. I have not even started driving yet because I am not sure it is worth my time. Back in 1971 when I was going to NYU, I worked sometimes. One of my jobs was driving a check cab. It was simple....pick up the passanger....throw the meter....drive....drop the passenger off. Perhaps I show my age, but I feel like with Lyft and Uber I need to go to rideshare school. There are all sorts of rideshare gurus on youtube. I mean, back in the day there was no GPS or app. Then there is this thing called a surge, points, bonuses. I feel like I either need to hire a programmer to write a program that tells me when to drive....or a statistician. While my adventures were not like Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, to say that my experience was colorful would be a gross understatement. I had a lot of fun driving my night shift...4 pm until 6 am or 6 pm until 4 am. What is most significant is that I believe I made more money back then getting 50 percent of the meter than I could make today driving ride share.

The really big deal with the so-called gig economy is that it is unstable. You are also an independent contractor and have to pay the entire FICA rather than have the benefit of having your employer pay half. I remember 1988 was the last year I was an employee. Starting in July 1989 I would either be an independent contractor or self-employed. When I was the latter, I had to create an LLC. It was a real pain filing quarterly taxes. What I figured out was that if I made less than a hundred grand a year I would have been much better off financially being an employee. That includes everything from FICA to taking the standard deduction rather than itemizing. When I drove a yellow cab back in 71, I was an employee. I wish I had the figures but I don't. Suffice it to say, I really do think that I would not be able to make as much money today driving rideshare than I did back then especially throwing in inflation. I also did not have the expenses of keeping up the cab. The fleet cleaned and maintained the car. I think that is a very sad commentary.

I do think rideshare drivers have the ability to exert pressure. It would take all drivers to strike until they cry, uncle. One symbolic day won't cut it.