Clown with a Clipboard at LVIA

Papa Sarducci

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My paisano HERR_UBERMENSCH asked me to pass this on since he apparently arranged some letters in the wrong order and is taking a little break.

There is a cab driver at the airport trying to scare off Uber drivers by taking down license plate numbers and going over some spiel about Uber being banned at the airport.


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No love for Uber here, but yes, it's a cab driver from a failing cab company desperately trying to carry out the boses' wishes.


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It was a guy in a mini-van but silver and I saw no obvious markings. I think you might be referring to the green vans with lettering all over the rear windows.
i dropped off there the other day and saw the J&J express guys out in force! But the Yourway group had noone in site..kinda funny how the tides turn soo quickly in the taxi business! What is even funnier is the Yourway owner uses uber to get back and forth to his office but their fb page is all about how terrible uber is! LOL