Cleaning Fee

Had a pax have an incident in my car last night. Luckily I was near a gas station and it all landed on my floor mat which I threw out. Car doesn’t smell and I feel like I dodged a bullet.

My question is how long does it take for uber to give you your cleaning fee? Is it a flat amount? I already submitted pics to uber and have additional on my phone if needed.

Thanks for the responses!


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I've not had the pleasure of needing to request a cleaning fee, but others here report it is usually within a few hours.

Did you go offline for a few hours after this happened?


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I had a mess made by a customer on a Saturday night around 1 am. Immediately sent the report and pics.

Sunday noon they replied with the approval of cleaning fee. (155 AUD)

So in my experience over 12 hours.


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I have had 2 cleaning fee requests so far....first one, kid opened and spilled vodka in my backseat. Uber sent me $40 within 7 hours.

My second instance was a puked, who got it all over the seat and sprayed it on me. Uber sent me $150 before I even finished vacuuming and shampooing, literally within an hour.