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Recently had passenger #2. Not primary. URINATE on my leather seat. Obvious. First indication was passenger #2 her skirt was soiled. Checked seat to confirm. Took a snapshot and submitted. 27 hours of back and forth claim “invalid” There has been know one in Support to explain in detail. They did verbally and in email state they would call me with in 24 hours. Finally they emailed no call invalid. But can’t explain why.
Feedback ??

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That is my experience Saturday. I’m tempted to call/text the pax to see if they were charged the fee and Fuber pocketed it. I don’t want to risk deactivation though. ?


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Slowly but surely Uber is reducing its exposure to cleaning fees
and finally will eliminate.

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Dummy up a professional looking receipt and submit that for cleaning.
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Also I want to know what Passenger 1 was doing while #2 was doing #1 sitting next to them!